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Untapped Bee Potential

I am a nerd. I readily admit it. My nerdiness readily surfaces every year around National Spelling Bee time because I seriously resent the fact that my Catholic school did not have spelling bees. We did not have time for these apparently because of all the hours spent each week in mass and religion class.

We did have time once for a geography bee in sixth grade. We had to give a place name that started with the last letter of the prior place given. (Bunkie -> Eunice.) If you didn't give a name quickly enough, started your place with the wrong letter because you couldn't spell or you repeated, then it was game over.

I was still in the hunt after an hour with three boys when one smarty-pants thought he had me with Schenectady. All three of them looked gleeful at my imminent demise. I promptly responded with Yemen. That took the wind out of their 11-year-old boy sails and I went on to victory.

So if I could win a game involving geography - my weakest subject - then imagine my spelling power when I was untainted by drugs and alcohol. Combine that pristine brain with a childhood spent reading encyclopedias and browsing dictionaries and I coulda been a contender!
Tags: childhood, school, spelling bee, words
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