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My First LJ-versary

Today is my one-year LJ anniversary! In honor of this occasion, I will recap some journal info. Read on if you'd like...

How I Found LJ: I was doing a search on Google for "music from Sense & Sensibility" because I wanted to see if a song I'd just heard on the radio was on the soundtrack because it sounded like music from that movie. One of the few hits that matched was an LJ entry. I clicked on it and was immediately addicted. I set up my journal that very day. (I never did find the answer to my question about the song, though.)

Early LJ Friends: arikatt, bibliovixen, daisyfair, electica, mind_opened, onemeatball, orange_knickerz, plus_c, seamusd, weather_fan, weelisa

First LJ Icon: Hobbes (still in use)

First LJ Community: books

LJ Favorites: ljdemocrats, npr_junkie, trashy_eats, randomnola, corgilove, gardening

Recent LJ Finds: metaquotes, cleolinda

Favorite Feeds: Yarn Harlot So funny that I love it and I don't even knit. & My Boring Ass Life Director Kevin Smith's Blog.

Events of Importance to Me During This Year: Iraq War, US Presidential Election, Tsunami, Ray Charles Died, Deep Throat Revealed, I Met Bill Clinton(!)

Became Paid User: 07/16/04

Thanks to each one of my LJ friends, old and new, who always keep me so interested, intrigued and engaged that I can't help reading and responding to your posts. Smooches from Denise!
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