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Does anyone know if homeowners insurance covers damages for flooding caused by negligence? I got home from work and there was water everywhere in the house. Juannie fell asleep in the tub with the water running and flooded four rooms and the hallway of our house. He went to play golf with one of my brothers. He was drunk, sunburned and exhausted when he got home and decided to get into the tub.

I am ready to blow a gasket. He helped shop vac up the bulk of the water while I soaked up what I could with every towel in the house. I ran to the grocery to get a mop with a wringer and when I got home he was dead asleep on the bed. I am still mopping up water that is seeping out from under the baseboards and the flooring.

I've never known what to call the flooring. It's fake Pergo I guess. It looks like light wood. It's not supposed to get wet during cleaning so I have a bad feeling that it may all have to come up and be replaced. I am glad I took pictures because we might need them for the insurance company.

I am exhausted, frustrated and angry. I know Juannie didn't do it on purpose but my patience level right now is not very high. And during the height of the cleanup he kept getting short with me. I managed to maintain my composure for the most part. I teared up a couple times when I kept going from room to room and finding more water. But I didn't lose my cool with him and I REALLY wanted to.

Anyway, I needed to vent. Now back to mopping up the water and I was so looking forward to a relaxing evening.
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