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A Declaration of Interdependence

Will Smith called the Live 8 festivities a worldwide "declaration of interdependence." "Today we hold this truth to be self-evident: We are all in this together," Smith said.

If nothing else comes out of these concerts, I hope that many young people have become more informed about the plight of millions suffering in Africa. But I think that the G8 leaders know that more people than ever will be following the summit meeting next week and want some meaningful action to come out of it.

"Live 8: The Day the World Spoke as One
"The real stars of the day though were the people who came out to all the shows or participated online. Around the world, millions attended the concerts and signed the One campaign's petition to the world leaders asking for action. The celebrities themselves recognize that it is the people who have the power to affect change by educating themselves and putting pressure on the politicians to take some simple steps that can yield enormous and worthy results. Not everyone can be saved, but if the people who were touched by the shows take their new knowledge and call, write, visit, fax, or email their leaders then more children like Birhan Woldu can have a fair shot at living a full and healthy life...

...So, here's hoping the other G8 participants heard the message shouted loud and clear yesterday and act, not as politicians, but as leaders and make history by helping to improve and extend the lives of millions of children around the world."

Live 8 pics.



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Jul. 3rd, 2005 11:16 pm (UTC)
wait so did you go to the concert or no?
I hate to be cynical, but I just feel like.. well did we free Tibet by throwing a concert? No. And how do we know where this money goes? I mean I think of Diane Fossey and the money she raised for years and it turned out the fucker in accounting was stealing from her the whole time and none of her money went to the gorillas.

I'd rather we actually DID something.

On the other hand, yes, this is very important for people to learn about.
Jul. 4th, 2005 07:42 am (UTC)
Awareness is definitely the first step. I know I have learned a lot about the situation in Africa. I always had a sense that it's dire but had no idea that someone dies every 3 seconds from preventable causes. And I think that an event that puts pressure on world leaders to act long-term and think beyond the next election cycle is never a bad thing.
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