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Harry Potter & The Half-Crazed Reader

Juannie and I may need to bust out a timer - like this family - so we don't fight over Half-Blood Prince once I pick it up on Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon? Yes, I must wait until after the baby shower is over to pick up my longed for copy of the book.

My original plan once I got my paws on it was to read like a mental patient for the rest of the weekend. With any luck, I could possibly finish the book before I had to go to work on Monday morning. But another family event has now been scheduled for Sunday afternoon and it would be too rude, even for an obsessive reader like me, to ignore family members and read the whole time.

I will be jonesing for Harry all weekend. I will be distracted during conversations with aunts, uncles and cousins. I will be counting the minutes until I can return to the book. Juannie might just have to buy his own copy.
Tags: books, harry potter, reading
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