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I Have A Crush On...

...Remus Lupin. He's an outcast and he's on the run from society.

My Potter-related post of the day is a Harry Potter survey. It's very long. It scares me that I know all this information and yet there's so much more to learn from Book 6.

A Random Harry Potter Survey!
Age when you first read Harry Potter34
Favorite BookThe Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Character(s)Remus Lupin, Rubeus Hagrid, Luna Lovegood
Favorite Proffesor(s)Lupin, McGonagall, Snape
Favorite HouseGo! Go! Gryffindor
Favorite Quidditch TeamPuddlemere United - Woods' Team
Favorite CoupleJames & Lily Potter
Favorite Magical AnimalHippogriff
Favorite Magical PlaceHogwarts
Favorite WeasleyMolly Weasley
Favorite PetHedwig
Favorite Order MemberLupin
Favorite ClassTransfiguration
Favorite Wizarding SnackButterbeer
Favorite Gryffindor StudentHermione Granger
Draco or Harry?Harry
H/Hr or R/Hr?Neither
Snape or Lupin?Lupin
Crookshanks or Scabbers?Crookshanks
Hedwig or Pig?Hedwig
Harry or Ron?Harry
Crabbe or Goyle?Goyle
Canon/Fanon Draco?Canon
Canon/Fanon Snape?Canon
D/Hr or D/G?Neither
H/D or H/SS?Neither
Your OTP?James & Lily
Favorite SlytherinTom Riddle
Cho - annoying or not?Not
Do you write Fanfiction?No
Do you read Fanfition?No
Favorite Fanfiction?n/a
Canon or Fanon?n/a
One shot or Novel length?n/a
Fluff or Angst?n/a
Very Powerful Harry?n/a
Very Sexy Draco?n/a
Gen, Het, or Slash?n/a
Fanfiction Petpeeves?n/a
Did you Cry when Cedric Died?Yes
Did you cry when Sirius Died?Yes
All time favorite partThe description of the 1st Halloween at Hogwarts
Were you mad about the whole H/C mistake?No clue what this means
Do you like Viktor Krum?Yes
Do you like Cho Chang?Yes
Do you like Fluer?Yes
Do you like Cedric?Yes
What did you think of the Prophecy?Still not enough information!
Which characters need more development?Surprise - Remus Lupin
Did Harry pass his O.W.Ls in Potions?Yes
Will Harry die or survive at the end of book 7?Survives to teach DADA at Hogwarts
Do you like the Marauders?Yes
Light side or dark side?Light
Who do you think is the HBP?No idea
Who do you think will die in HBP?A Weasley besides Ron
Who do you think Harry's new "love interest" is in HBP?No idea
What do you think will be the "something huge" revealed about Lily Potter?We will find out more about Lily and Petunia
Are you a Luna fan?Yes!
Favorite Marauder?Moony
Is Harry going to be back on the quidditch team?Yes
How well do you think Harry will cope with Sirius's death in HBP?He will recover quickly because he has to
Do you think Harry will be even more angry in HBP than in OotP?See above
Will Ron or Hermione die in either of the next 2 books?No
How do you think Ron and Hermione will react when they find out about the prophecy?Not suprised
Harry Potter Movies
Do you like the movies as much as the books?Not quite as much because they leave out a lot of detail.
Hottest HP actor?David Thewlis
Do you think Emma Watson is too girly for Hermione?Yes - I do like Emma, though
What do you think of Ruperts long hair in GoF?Okay
Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?Daniel
Chris Columbus or Alfonso?Alphonso Cuaron
Was the warewolf too bald?No
What scene did they leave out in the movie you wish they hadn't?I wanted to see lots more hippogriffs but we only saw Buckbeak
Favorite movie moment?Harry flying on Buckbeak with Sirius & Hermione
Least favorite movie moment?The group hug
Favorite character in movie?Remus Lupin
Favorite Movie?Prisoner of Azkaban
Was that how you imagined the basalisk?Yes
Do you wish Richard Harris could still play Dumbledore?Yes
Do you think Snape is sexy?Yes!!!
Do you wish you looked like Emma Watson?No
And for the lst question, how has Harry Potter changed your life?I love the books and movies enough to know enough to fill out this survey.

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