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New Toys for The Pupsters

Juannie bought some new toys for Bess and Rocky. The Beano makes a noise that is supposed to be farting. It sends Rocky into fits of delight as he tosses it up in the air, picks it up, jumps onto the couch, runs in his crate with it and then brings it back to us covered in drool for a new throw that starts the process over again. The Crawfish - known as a lobster in other parts of the world - makes a noise that approximates water bubbling. Bessie likes to play fetch with it and shake it a lot to show the Crawfish who's boss.

Beano & Crawfish will probably not survive the love and devotion of Bess and Rocky for very long. So we will enjoy their company while we can.

New Toys! New Toys!

Rocky With Beano & Crawfish Rocky With Beano & Crawfish

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