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My Weekend & Harry Potter

The shower went very well. Lots of cute presents and fun with aunts and cousins. The family reunion today had many of the same attendees except men were allowed. And there were boiled crabs on the menu today thanks to the men.

All that's fine and good. Let's get to the important stuff. I just finished the book. Don't look behind the cut if you are still reading it. **Edit** Also, don't read the comments if you are still reading it.

I am still absorbing what I read so this is just a random smattering of what's whirling through my brain. I knew after Snape was in the second chapter that he is the HBP but figuring out doesn't make me happy now. I cried the last few pages especially when I read about the interaction between Hagrid and Grawpie. Tonks and Remus made me happy. (Werewolves deserve love, too. Well, except for the one that attacked Bill.) The parting of Harry and Ginny really got to me. I admit that I still have hope for Snape even though I am really pissed off right now. The last sentence of the book made me sob.

I will begin reading it again tomorrow.
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