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Smoking = No Sex? Impotence? Minging teeth? That's the message of a new anti-smoking campaign in Britain, anyway.

"If sex sells, does the opposite hold true, too? Can the fear of missing out on sex be used to stop a product from selling?

That is the idea being tested by a new advertising campaign in Britain that tries to persuade young people to quit smoking. Unlike traditional antismoking pitches, which tend to focus on health concerns, the new ads argue - in an in-your-face way - that the use of tobacco decreases sexual attractiveness and performance.

The new campaign warns young men bluntly that smoking can increase the risk of sexual dysfunction. And it tells young women that 'if you smoke, you stink'."

This made me think about my attitudes toward smoking when I was in the single world. And I did make decisions about whether or not I would pursue or allow pursuit based on this issue. If the person was a smoker, I was less likely to be interested. Now if the person was flat out sexy then smoking was not part of the determining criteria. I did wind up with a non-smoker in the end, though.

Is smoking a deal breaker for you?
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