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Fiendishly Good Web Stuff

Time's 50 Coolest Websites for 2005.

For Book Fiends - The Complete Review.

For Game Fiends - Orisinal. (Definitely not your typical web games. Worth a look just for the delicate artwork used in the games.)

For Food Fiends - Food 411.

For News Fiends - OhMyNews International.

For Kitsch Fiends - Archie McPhee - Outfitters of Popular Culture. (Immediately amused by the Librarian Action Figure.)

For Search Fiends - Clusty.

Faves PostSecret and McSweeney's also made the list.

**edit** Just-Found New Fave: Go Fug Yourself. Celebrity fashion crimes exposed. Check out the Bai Ling and Chloe Sevigny sections for a taste of the fun.
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