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Back To Life, Back To Reality

I am back at work after a lovely six-day respite with my sweet Juannie. He works for a very humane employer and has lots of vacation days (currently a month of paid time off) so he is still living la vida lazy.

We vacationed at home and enjoyed the unbelievably lovely weather - highs in the low 80s with minimal humidity and a cool breeze is unheard of here in August. We got a few projects done around the house and actually enjoyed doing yard work. We spent one evening in the French Quarter with friends and family. Mostly, we just relaxed. I drank many margaritas, he drank a bunch of beer, we watched a lot of the Olympics and took plenty naps.

And now back to work... The pile of paperwork on my desk is not too bad. I do have to endure a meeting this afternoon with some nattering nabobs of negativism but after that, Friday will be here before I know it!
Tags: home, seasons, weather, work
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