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Protest In Crawford

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

"...The first thing you notice as you approach the protest site is the long sweep of crosses, stars of David and Muslim crescents, each marked with the name of a fallen soldier or Marine. Only five hundred were up on Saturday, but five hundred crosses stretch a long way down the road. The impact of that memorial was sudden and shocking; like the Vietnam and Oklahoma City memorials, or the excavation pit that was Ground Zero, it has power beyond what words convey, and beyond the political point it was intended to make...

...The real question is, what happens next? Some declared their willingness to make Crawford the headquarters of anti-Bush protest. Others had made up their mind to follow Sheehan to Washington when Bush leaves Crawford at the end of August. And others are looking ahead to a protest scheduled for the end of September in D.C., which they hope to make as large as Martin Luther King, Jr.'s march to the Lincoln Monument. Whether all this energy -- or, as one long-haired Vietnam vet put it excitedly, "positive vibes" -- outlasts August will tell if it is more than mad blood."



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Aug. 17th, 2005 05:22 pm (UTC)
i heard someone drove over the crosses on the side of the road.

i was supposed to go to a candlelight vigil tonight, but i was up until 4am last night, had a shitty day at work, & then forgot it was tonight & i'm already home & in my jammies. i feel guilty, but i'm not letting that get me out my jammies.
Aug. 17th, 2005 06:26 pm (UTC)
Yes, someone did run over the crosses but they are mostly replaced now. Plus, a landowner has offered the protesters a place on his property for the camp so they aren't causing so much traffic for the other people who live in the area.
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