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Super Size Me

John and I went to see the documentary, Super Size Me on Saturday. We saw it at the Canal Place theatre in downtown New Orleans.

The movie was very thought-provoking and entertaining. Morgan Spurlock, the director and sometimes hapless subject of the 30-day diet, did an excellent job showing the impact of the McDiet on himself but also on our country and our world. One of the most shocking vignettes was when he showed pictures of several famous people to small children and not one knew who Jesus is but all recognized Ronald McDonald immediately.

Here is a link to a fun game on the movie's website. http://www.supersizeme.com/burgerman.htm

I liked the fact that he wasn't over the top with the way he presented the information. He was very matter of fact because the data he gave about the fast food culture and the impact of the diet on his body was shocking enough on its own. He did not need to amplify it.

It inspired Juannie and me to eat healthier and start doing yoga again. And I had already stopped eating McDonald's after hearing some interviews with him a few weeks back.

I am ready for this work day to be over and it's not even 11AM. Bleh!
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