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Pain In Our Collective Ass!

Hurricane Katrina is that pain. And she is a bother to the entire Gulf Coast right now because no one really knows yet what the storm is going to do. I've got reservations in Fairhope, AL based on a track that takes it very close to New Orleans. I have relatives in that area so at least we'd be close to family. And the hotel takes pets.

Right now, though, my inclination is to stay put. I could be completely wrong about that. My parents (crazy stubborn old people!) aren't planning to leave even if it's a category 4 direct hit.

Hurricanes were fun when I was a kid because school was closed and we got to go on a trip. As an adult, there's lots to worry about as I gather insurance paperwork, take pictures of valuables and worry about the long-term prospects of my little house.
Tags: evacuation, new orleans, weather

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