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My Brilliant Career

I have decided that my new career goal, even though I am forty years old, is to be a meteorologist. Why? No one can hold you accountable. And you get paid lots of money for a job where it is guaranteed that you will never be 100% correct - EVER. They act very scientific with the radars like the Viper and the Super Doppler 2000. In all actuality, they are guessing most of the time because they have no clue what that sassy Mother Nature is really going to do next.

And I've always wondered, "Who in the hell buys The Old Farmers' Almanac?" I now believe it's not for the old farmers at all, it's for meteorologists! Publishers just act like it's the old farmers (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) who need that almanac when all along it's being published for the meteorologists.

So all I need is a copy of The Old Farmers' Almanac, the right hairdo and a regular update on the latest weatherman jargon to sound knowledgeable and "weathery". I will be all set for my fabulous new career. Look for me soon on a weather report near you!

(I know that weather_fan is going to beat me over the head for this. I couldn't resist after watching weather all day long.)
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