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Displaced By Hurricane Katrina

I lost it today while I was on the phone with a credit card representative. It all really hit me when I said the words, "Displaced by Hurricane Katrina." The poor guy on the phone was so nice and patient with me. One part of my brain felt sorry for him that he had to listen to me while I cried on the phone to him.

Juannie is being a calming influence during all this stress and worry. He is making all this easier to bear.

We have seen two satellite photos of our neighborhood but both of them cut off right before our house. The houses around us look fine. No roof damage. The streets are dry in the photos so there's no definite way to tell if they did flood during the storm. My parents are going to Kenner tomorrow to check on our houses. I am preparing myself to hear the worst news - that we did flood - and hoping for the best news - that our little house made it through the storm just fine.
Tags: evacuation, home, new orleans, storm
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