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My Current Book

The office where I have been working temporarily has a lovely little alcove with bookshelves. The shelves are filled with books that people can swap, borrow or keep. They also have audio books. I think every office should have a set-up like this.

After I was here a week, I finished one of the only two books I brought with me, the very mediocre Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife, and needed a new book to read. (I took the Darcy book because it was very thick with extremely small print so I knew it would keep me busy for at least a few stormy days. The other book I brought was my autographed copy of Bill Clinton's autobiography.)

I borrowed The Poisonwood Bible from the office library. It's one I've meant to read for a long time and I am loving it. It's a tragic story about a dysfunctionaly missionary family in the Belgian Congo. The poverty, religious themes and unrest that are part of the story are really hitting home right now. I love everything I've read by Barbara Kingsolver. This book is no exception.
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