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Mean Girls

I just have one word for the tag team of lady storms, Katrina and Rita. Bitches!

Just when things were starting to move along at home with cleaning up post-Katrina, Rita rolls through. We lost power Friday evening and it was too hot and miserable to do much around the house over the weekend so our progress stalled. The mold and mildew smells came back with the heat. Luckily, my parents' house had power so we slept over there and helped them do some things around their house which was also flooded during Katrina.

According to Juannie who's at home today while I am working at my temp office, we now have power again as of a little while ago. So the air conditioner will keep the mold and mildew at bay once again while we continue with the clean up.

So far, we have thrown out: two sofas, two end tables, rugs, carpet, one refrigerator, shoes, clothes, cooking utensils, books (sniff!), dog toys, candles, frames and more.

We had some more wind damage on Friday and Saturday so we lost more roof tiles and some very big branches are hanging precariously from the pine trees in the backyard. We have to keep out the pups from back there until we can get a tree service to take care of that.

I do feel lucky, though. I have a house to clean up. So many people in Orleans and St. Bernard parishes do not have a place that they can return to. And with the new flooding from Rita, the damage is now even worse than before. I feel sad for them and guilty for my good fortune.
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