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The Bitch That Keeps On Giving

3000 New Orleans city employees laid off today.

"In a frank acknowledgement of New Orleans' bleak economic condition, Mayor Ray Nagin dispensed pink slips to half the city's work force Tuesday and conceded that additional layoffs could loom.

The firing of 3,000 workers, some of whom almost certainly lost their homes to Katrina, comes as the city's $13 million monthly sales tax revenue has shrunk to zero. Intense negotiations for bridge loans from state and federal agencies have proved fruitless so far, and a $50 million line of credit from private lenders remains sketchy, Nagin said."

In addition to the city workers being laid off, the Archdiocese of New Orleans will also have to let some of their 9,000 employees go because of all the money the Church spent aiding storm victims.

And thanks to storm stress, my self-diagnosis of hyperthyroidism was confirmed today. My levels are high. Normal thyroid activity is 1.50 and mine is currently at 3.86. In addition, the doctors said that I have Graves Disease because the overactivity has now recurred.

Now I have to decide if I should let them "kill" my thyroid with a radioactive iodine treatment so that I don't have further recurrences. I will have a few more tests done before I make that decision with my doctors. Fun!
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