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Radioactive Me?

Tomorrow I am going for radioactive iodine treatment for my hyperthyroidism. I have been doing some research tonight and read some suggestions for what to do after I am treated:

"For the first 5 days after your treatment:

Drink plenty of fluids, such as water or juices, to help you urinate more frequently.
Avoid prolonged physical contact, particularly with children and pregnant women.
Do not sit next to someone in a motor vehicle for more than one hour.
Avoid kissing or sexual intercourse.
Sleep in a separate room.
Use separate towels, face cloths, and sheets. Wash these and your personal clothing separately for 1 week.

To further reduce the chance of exposing other people to radioactivity:

Wash your hands with soap and plenty of water each time you use the toilet.
Keep the toilet very clean. Men should urinate sitting down to avoid splashing. Also, flush the toilet two or three times after each use.
Rinse the bathroom sink and tub thoroughly after using them.
Use separate (or disposable) eating utensils for the first few days and wash them separately."

Glow in the dark Dee?
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