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The Night Before

A breakdown of the Disney trip.

The Night Before Day 1

Juannie and I take vacation planning seriously. And for this trip we were in super planning mode because it was a way to escape the mess and madness around town. On Thursday afternoon, we both knew what we wanted to pack but we had two last loads of laundry to do before we got around to stuffing the suitcases. Well, I stuff my suitcase because I always overpack. Juannie carefully selects what he brings based on long term weather forecasts and the fact that he wears shorts even if it's forty degrees outside. I justify my super heavy, bulging bag because I have to vary things a little more in case I need more options if it gets really cold or really hot and I have to include shoe options for all the wardrobe possibilities.

I started the laundry right after I got home from work while he went to wash the car and vacuum the interior at the car wash. Things were humming merrily along until the power went out with one load just dumped in the washer and one load in the dryer. We heard the transformer explode so we knew that it would be a while before we saw the lights come on again.

I called my parents and I knew they had power because I could hear the television blaring in the background. Juannie and I hauled all the wet clothes out of the washer and dryer, piled them into a laundry basket and I drove to my parents' house to use their electricity and appliances. It slowed my packing down by more than an hour.

I returned home to get to work gathering up lotions, makeup and all my hair care products - serious care for my new hair. While I was busy making important decisions on beauty products, Juannie was getting his personal gear together including his hearing aids. He was cleaning one of them and I heard him start cussing. I walked into the kitchen to see him holding one of the tiny things in several pieces. The plastic part that protects all the delicate electronics had shattered. There was no salvaging it so he had to leave them behind. He does okay without them but they help him filter out background noise or up the volume depending on the setting.

I ran back and forth to my parents four times. And the power came back on at our house right after I started the second load in the dryer at their house. Juannie was asleep by the time I completed the last load so I packed the few things he needed and finished my own suitcase. Then I took a shower. I knew I could sleep once we were in the car because Juannie always drives the first leg of the trip to Pensacola which takes about four hours from Kenner.

I took Benadryl to help me sleep once I finished in the bath but I was too wound up from all the trips to my parents and the anticipation. I really felt like those adults in the Disney commercial who are sitting in the dark all dressed waiting up excitedly the night before they leave on their trip and the kids find them. I am such a big nerd.

We were planning to wake up at 3AM and be on the road for 4AM. I know I was awake until at least midnight so I got about three hours of sleep before the alarm went off oh so early on Friday morning.
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