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Tomorrow morning I have to go to the lab at the hospital so they can take blood for more tests. Sitting in the lab waiting area at Ochsner these days is wrenching. It's never been a fun place but since Katrina, it is sometimes more than I can take. Many of the people there are elderly and very ill and now along with their health problems, they are now battling much more. Their faces are so somber, so worn. Few people talk but when they do, it's always about the storm and how things are going for them and their families. It is an endless litany of sorrow and fatigue.

I have to go back there again tomorrow and I really don't think I can handle it. The first time I saw and felt all these people in the waiting room, I had to find the chapel so I could collect myself. The emotions swirling around were very palpable and then there are so many faces. It's hard to look in the faces of the older people in New Orleans right now. How can they start over? How can they do it all over again when they have lost so much that they worked forty, fifty, sixty years to build and in a day, it was gone?

The other thing that makes facing tomorrow's visit so much more difficult is that the holidays are here. So many people will not have anything approaching a happy holiday season here this year. Their loved ones are scattered with some friends and family members still missing or dead.

I try not to focus on all of this on a daily basis because it can be too much. But right now I am overwhelmed by everything that has happened here since August 29th. I think of the people, the children, the pets and all of the disturbance and disorder this has brought to hundreds of thousands of lives.

I shall take what comfort I can from the pups and the soothing sound of the needed rain falling on our roof. And I will pray for hope for all of the people in my city who need it like I do right now.
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