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Turkey Day Thoughts

I am always so thankful for having Juannie in my life for many reasons. At this moment, I am thankful that he takes such good care of me and gave me a mimosa first thing this holiday morning and made us Eggs Benedict for our brunch.

And today is one of those days that remind me why I love living in New Orleans. Late November and it's beautifully sunny, 72 degrees with a strong breeze.

Last night, we saw a late showing of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. No real plot spoilers behind the cut but some details about what was included from the book and what was not.

Not my favorite movie of the four so far. The other movies had to leave out a lot of good stuff from their respective books to keep them a manageable length. Still, the earlier movies had a generous sprinkling of the little details about place and character development that are a major part of the quirky charm of the books. GOF just barrelled along through the major plot points but completely lacked the juicy tidbits that made the movies as fun as the books. This was the cinematic equivalent of Book 4 Cliff Notes.

No Dursleys? No Mrs. Weasley? No velas dancing at the Quidditch World Cup? No Dobby and Winkie? And no inclusion of the sub-plot that Rita Skeeter is a secret animagus?

There were good moments in the movie, though. The little we do see of the World Cup is fun. And I liked the scene between Harry and Moaning Myrtle in the Prefect Bathroom. The first competition with Harry and the dragon was thrilling. All three of the competitions were well done I thought. But as a whole the movie was missing key "minor" plot points that, if included, would have made it feel less slapped together.
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