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Senses Aroused

A good taste that I am enjoying tonight...

Caymus Conundrum 2003. A California white wine that was delicious with the turkey pot pie Juannie whipped up for dinner - a lovely combination of the savory meal and the sweetly spicy wine. It has a pleasant hint of a mild flowery perfume when you first sniff it.

"The Caymus Conundrum's aromas are of apricot, white peach and honeysuckle; flavors of citrus, green melon, pear and vanilla; a creamy, mouth-filling texture; and a crisp, refreshing citrus end-note."

A bad taste from my childhood...

Choward's Violet Mints. The smell of the violet candy is alluring. As a little girl, I also liked the purple and silver wrapper. The taste is not so tempting, though. Imagine eating bad perfume.
Tags: childhood, food, wine
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