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Christmas Day

Christmas Day has been a lovely, peaceful one. We spent the morning drinking bloody Marys and opening gifts. I tried to take some fun pics of the pups with their new toys but Rocky has developed a phobia of the digicam. So to get him to come out of his den and play, I had to put the camera away. We joined my parents and in-laws for Christmas lunch at my brother's house and all of us laughed at the twins' antics. Then we came home to relax a little before heading out to see Marva Wright's Christmas Party at Tipitina's.

Marva Wright's Christmas Party Featuring Marva Wright & the BMW's, Charmaine Neville, Rockin Dopsie, Davell Crawford, Bo Dollis & The Wild Magnolias, Irvin Mayfield, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Jo "Cool" Davis, Benny Turner, Veda Love

If you haven't heard her music yet, the name is Marva Wright. Whether performing on stage at concerts, niteclubs, riverboats, hotel ballrooms, casinos, conventions, television and radio, Marva sings from her heart and soul. It seems that she's singing just for you as familiar Blues, R&B, Jazz Standards, Traditional Jazz and Gospel, as well as her own compositions come to life with her sultry style. You can't help but snap your fingers, tap your feet, clap your hands and/or get up and dance.

The summer that Juannie and I met, we spent all the spare money we had going to see Marva play at clubs all over New Orleans with a group of friends. So we are very excited to see Marva on Christmas night with one of our old buddies!

I hope everyone is having a joyous day!
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