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Siesta Seekers

By limitedbythesky

Siesta Seekers Stats

Formed: 28th December 2005
Split: 14th April 2009
Best Album: 'Door Wauked Reproved Picnic' 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Butling Viper Skelter Lierne Robotize Surface' 6/10 in the NME
Records Sold: 355,191 in total (141,084 albums, 214,107 singles).
Reputation: Regional
Groupies: weelisa and bibliovixen have been arrested on 19 different occasions for stalking onemeatball. onemeatball is now on the verge of a mental breakdown despite ericisrad's attentiveness.

Siesta Seekers Member Profiles


Without silverdee, Siesta Seekers would be a very different band. It is safe to say that silverdee's vision and charisma shaped the band during their most vital periods.


Without ever being the focal point of Siesta Seekers's sound, plus_c's intricate stylings add depth to the bands music.

For the past couple of years phoenix_anew has struggled with a drug addiction which has been negatively affecting their bass playing skills and their showmanship. A spell in rehab could resurrect phoenix_anew's career'

Throughout Siesta Seekers's career onemeatball has been all too willing to fade into the background and let plus_c and silverdee take charge of the band's image. Because of this it is easy to overlook the drummer's positive contribution to the band.

liamere is renowned for making pioneering use of new synth technology. However, unfortunately for Siesta Seekers liamere's rock star lifestyle has hampered the effectiveness of such experimentation.

Single Releases

# Title Date
50 Workaday Operably Fireworm Buttals Medalled Canorous Mar 2006
29 Brashes Beleapt Bastiles Fended Phimotic Nag Apr 2006
24 Tactual Tambaks Fet Slums Tatting Graymail Jun 2006
16 Heraldic Creator Tachs Curses Jul 2006
11 Defect Genoises Diagnose Clubhand Toffee Jan 2008
10 Epopee Gloriole Synths Argyle Feb 2008
5 Butling Viper Skelter Lierne Robotize Surface Apr 2008

Album Releases

# Title Date
67 Door Wauked Reproved Picnic Dec 2005
15 Toeless Tabuli Atonics Timeless Nov 2007

northern ireland's worst

Snagged from mysticknyght.
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