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Five Weird Habits Meme (Better late than never luxlis!)

1. I have to read every word of every Entertainment Weekly that we receive in the mail. No skipping around is allowed. And then after I read it, I go back through and look at all the ads because I never notice them while reading.

2. I must have at least four calendars in my workspace at all times: one current year calendar on a single sheet, one prior year calendar on a single sheet, a Corgi-a-Month calendar and a bi-monthly page with the current month and the prior month. This year I will also have a Daily Bushisms calendar.

3. I do not use small paperclips. If I receive them from others, I do not mix them with my large paperclips. I covertly put them on someone else's desk.

4. I do not eat leftovers at work because it freaks me out to reheat them in a microwave that lots of other people use.

5. I like to figure out the famous people doing the voiceover in commercials. (Gene Hackman is my favorite voiceover celebrity.)

Share your quirky habits if you want to!
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