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Zs Please

I am so tired tonight. Work is kicking my ass right now. And early this morning, I had a really bad dream that woke me up. I was freaked out because the entire backside of Rocky's beautiful fluffiness was coming off in one giant piece making him freakishly half-naked. Rocky was perfectly happy and no one else in the dream thought it was strange at all that I now had a half Corgi/half Mexican hairless dog. Horrible! I couldn't fall back to sleep for two hours.

I will be ready to go to sleep by 9PM. And the fact that Juanito is working late will only make it all the more tempting to crawl into my warm, cozy bed. But if I fall asleep that early, I will wake up at 3AM and be groggy again all day tomorrow.

**pupdate** Just as I finished this entry, Rocky's fully furred butt was rolled onto the power strip for the computer and shut everything down. Just his way of letting me know that his booty is still bountiful! I was glad to see when I got back on LJ that the entry actually posted, too.
Tags: corgis, dogs, dreams, rocky
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