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California Dreamin'

We are having a grand old time in California. Our flights on Wednesday were decent. We spent the rest of the day visiting with our friends and getting to know their boys again. They were 2 & 4 years old when I lived here and they are now 15 & 17. It does make me feel just a tiny bit old.

Thursday, we spent time in some of our favorite spots in San Francisco including Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park and the Haight. We had a fabulous Vietnamese lunch at Mangosteen at Larkin & Eddy near Civic Center.

Yesterday, we toured wine country. We got a late start because I was a sleepy head but we made it to two wineries for tastings - Sterling and Domaine Chandon. We had another great lunch at Mustard's Grill in St. Helena. The Sterling winery has a tram that took us partially up the mountain to the winery buildings so we got a fantastic view of our surroundings from above. (I got some cool pics.)

Today, we are hanging around at home. Juannie is helping with the food for the party tonight. We are celebrating our host's birthday, our hostess' completion of her PhD and our visit. It should be a very relaxing and fun day!

(Psssst! Being here makes me want to move back!)
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