September 26th, 2004

new orleans, fleur

Go Saints Go!

Saints 28, Rams 25, OT

The Saints beat the Rams in an overtime nail-biter. I was so worn out after the game that I immediately took a nap. We should be used to the Saints making us suffer for our support here in New Orleans but we are a hopeful bunch. The drinking helps a lot.

The Know-It-All

I read a lot when I was a child. I often ran out of books to read. When I would whine to my parents that I needed new books, they would tell me to read Encyclopedia Britannica. I was desperate enough and geeky enough that I did read from the encyclopedias. So I find the premise of this book very intriguing.

"Like a lot of people a decade or so out of college, A.J. Jacobs wished he'd learned more while he was there -- or could remember a respectable chunk of what he did learn. Like almost no one, he decided the best remedy for his 'long, slow slide into dumbness' would be to read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica..."

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