September 29th, 2004


Playtime for Hitler Youth

A board game from pre-World War II Germany that features a plan for naval attack on Great Britain has been found.

"As children in 1930s Britain played snakes and ladders or Peter Rabbit's Race Game, their counterparts in Nazi Germany were enjoying themselves with a far less innocent board game.

In an age when the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain talked of "peace in our time", a game that involved attacking the Royal Navy and bombarding British ports was already on sale in Germany."

"It gives you a very uncomfortable feeling to think that while British children were merrily playing snakes and ladders, those in Germany were happily enacting such destruction."

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Common Errors in English

Thanks to arikatt...

I love this site. It's informative and cheeky. Here's a sample:

People sometimes write “weary” (tired) when they mean “wary” (cautious) which is a close synonym with “leery” which in the psychedelic era was often misspelled “leary"; but since Timothy Leary faded from public consciousness, the correct spelling has prevailed.
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Lamest Excuse Ever!

Ellen Fein, co-author of the The Rules, blames her divorce on the painful aftermath of shoddy dental work.

The Rules promised women that they could snare Mr. Right quickly by having long hair, keeping phone calls with the lucky guy to less than 10 minutes and playing hard to get.

While admitting there were other issues involved in the split, Fein says the marriage's end was a direct result of complications following a procedure to put veneers on her self-proclaimed "gigantic teeth."

I guess she was not able to keep her customer (that would be her husband according to The Rules for Marriage) happy while dealing with the dental problems.

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