September 30th, 2004


Dream Date With Mr. Darcy?

Ladies, would you like to go on a date with Mr. Darcy, the romantic lead in Pride and Prejudice? Would you like to invite him to a dinner party? Well, 1,900 women in Great Britain have chosen him as their favourite fictional romantic icon. According to a recent poll conducted by the Orange Prize for Fiction, 1,900 women across the generations voted for Mr Darcy.

Initially, I never thought much of Mr. Darcy while reading the book. At thirteen, I was impressed with Elizabeth Bennet's sauciness in her dealings with him and came to like him because he wound up loving her. I am currently reading Emma and like Mr. Knightley much better than Mr. Darcy.

This article asks,"What message is this Darcy fixation sending to men? On the one hand, women say they want men who are emotionally intelligent, sensitive, flexible, who enjoy sharing equally and are fun to be with. But these same women are swooning over a fictional character who is the epitome of the dominant patriarchal male. No wonder men are confused."
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