November 22nd, 2004

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Thanks for all the kind wishes regarding Poppy's surgery. He is doing very well and may actually be released today and go home. He has been in ICU since Friday which was expected but he is progressing so quickly that his doctor said he probably won't have to go to a floor. So we are waiting on the assessment by a physical therapist to see if he is able to go home. Yippee!

His big concern was making sure he had a radio to listen to the Saints game yesterday afternoon since it wasn't on television. I asked him about the game when I saw him last night. He made a face and said that he was glad he listened instead of watched because he might have needed more pain medication seeing the loss on TV.

The weekend was busy. I saw my dearest friend from my days in California yesterday. It was wonderful having an afternoon to catch up with her and hear about her family and her work. It made me realize how much I have missed having her as a regular part of my daily life. We made plans for Juannie and I to visit her and her family in June 2005. Yosemite here we come!!!

Work is kicking my ass these days. I will be a zombie until December 14th when we close out the year. I am so glad this is a three-day week.
romance, flower

Tick Dragging for Fun & Profit

The Worst Jobs in Science Part II

Below is the latest crop of bad science jobs:

• Anal-Wart Researcher
• Worm Parasitologist
• Lab-Animal Veterinarian
• Tampon Squeezer
• Landfill Monitor
• K-25 Demolition Worker
• Ecologist at St. John’s Harbor
• Iraqi Archaeologist
• Tick Dragger
• Nurse
• Computer Help-Desk Tech (Did polarbee nominate her job?)
• Congressional Science Fellow
• Public-School Science Teacher
• Nosologist
• Root Sorter
• Crank
• Television Meteorologist

I definitely feel for the anal-wart researchers, landfill monitors and lab-animal vets. But it's kind of hard to feel sorry for television meteorologists.

This list definitely makes me appreciate my job!
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