December 16th, 2004


2004 Meta-List for Fiction Lovers Everywhere

Check out GalleyCat's Best of 2004 Meta-List for Fiction. Best Book lists from Barnes & Noble, Christian Science Monitor, NYT, Publishers Weekly, SF Chronicle and many others.

The most interesting thing to me was The Master List. A breakdown of the number of "Best Of" appearances for the books showing up on the numerous lists. Check it out under the cut...

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At The Medieval Insult Page, all insults are guaranteed authentic.

Medieval Latin:

"Tu sochors! Tu scibalum hedi! Tu scibalum ouis! Tu scibalum equi! Tu fimus bouis! Tu stercus porci! Tu hominis stercus! Tu canis scibalum! Tu uulpis scibalum! Tu muricipis scibalum! Tu galline stercus! Tu asini scibalum! Tu uulpicule omnium uulpiculorum! Tu uulpis cauda! Tu uulpis barba! Tu nebris uulpiculi! Tu uechors et semichors! Tu scurra!"

"You idiot! You goat dung! Sheep dung! Horse dung! You cow dung! You pig filth! You human dung! You dog dung! Fox dung! Cat dung! Chicken droppings! You donkey dung! You fox cub of all fox cubs! You fox tail! You fox beard! You skin of a fox cub! You idiot and halfwit! You buffoon!"

-- The Colloquy of Ælfric Bata (England, c. 1000)

Old High German/Latin:

"Vnde ars in tine naso (canis culum in tuo naso)!"

A dog's butt in your face!

-- from the earliest Berlitz translation guide written for a Frenchman travelling in Germany, 10th century