December 21st, 2004

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Samples from Overheard in New York.

Businesswoman #1: How are you doing?
Businesswoman #2: Crazy. How are you?
Businesswoman #1: Not as crazy as you, I guess. Your hair looks good today.

--Midtown office

Businessman: He needs a good beating. He's starting to lose his mind.

--Midtown office

Guy on cell: Are you serious?...You really should stop smoking weed and smoking crack.

--CVS, 6th Ave. & Bleecker

Woman: Do you have a non-fiction section?
Book Guy: Well, everything that's not fiction is non-fiction. [Over] there's cooking, and there's history.
Woman: No, that's not what I asked. Do you have a section for non-fiction?
Book Guy: Well, there are no non-fiction novels. Everything here that's not a novel is non-fiction.
Woman: But you don't have a non-fiction section?
Book Guy: No. Everything that isn't fiction is non-fiction.

--Barnes & Noble, Staten Island
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Make It Merry!

Gearing up - actually slowing down - for a lovely five-day holiday weekend. Tomorrow I will be shopping for the wee niece and nephews with my sweet Juannie. (He's out doing some shopping for me right now. How do I know? A little elf told me.) And we will also do some baking tomorrow afternoon. Snickerdoodles, peanut butter blossoms, meringues and sugar cookies. Yummy!

The rest of the days will be spent visiting, singing, eating, drinking, laughing and engaging in merry revelry.

I hope everyone's holiday will be safe and full of merry revelry, too.
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