December 28th, 2004


Tsunami Relief Information

The blog below gives information about relief efforts for the tsunami victims. It also has links (scroll down a bit) to many organizations including Oxfam, Save The Children and CARE taking donations.

Update: Landmines a danger to tsunami survivors in Sri Lanka. "Mines were floated by the floods and washed out of known mine fields, so now we don't know where they are, and the warning signs on mined areas have been swept away or destroyed, UNICEF's Ted Chaiban said from the agency's office in Colombo in a statement released at UN headquarters in New York. The greatest danger to civilians will come when they begin to return to their homes, not knowing where the mines are,” Chaiban added.",5744,11797096%255E1702,00.html
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Whupass for Wimps

Alternatives to "Opening a Can o' Whupass" for the Less Confrontationally Inclined

Unsnapping a Purse o' Politeness

Decanting a Carafe o' Contrition

Unzipping a Fanny Pack o' Friendliness

Sipping a Demitasse o' Diplomacy

Refrigerating the Tupperware o' Temperance

Unscrewing a Thermos o' Thoughtfulness

Gently Folding a Napkin o' Negotiation

Checking the Date on a Carton o' Caution

Serving an Apéritif o' Avoidance

Unpacking a Portmanteau o' Panic

Emptying a Wastebasket o' Withdrawal

Sealing and Applying Postage to an Envelope o' Escape

Lightly Greasing a Ramekin o' Retreat

Applying a Beechwood Veneer to a Hutch o' Hiding

Cleaning Out a Drawer o' Disappearance
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