January 13th, 2005



I did not know wolfmoon98. His real name was Mike but I am saddened to hear of his death in Iraq from jmhm. His journal is difficult to read because it contains the hopes and fears of a young person stuck in a difficult and dangerous situation. The Christmas Eve entry, his comment about calling his father for his birthday on January 3rd and this response to a friend's comment are very wrenching, "i'm doing my best to be home, but i'd rather be home safe, than soon."

Mike and all of the soldiers in Iraq deserve a moment in our thoughts today and every day.
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Cold Weather Looms

Since the white Christmas in New Orleans, it has been warm and muggy. Now the weathermen are forecasting very cold weather, possibly even colder than the snow day. Summer is occasionally interrupted here by the other three seasons. Spring, fall and winter never last long before the heat and humidity descend upon us again.