February 12th, 2005

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Are spacewalks popular in other cities for kids' birthday parties? They are really big here. My neighbors are throwing a party for their daughter's 7th birthday and have a Dora The Explorer spacewalk set up in their backyard. They are the perfect party entertainment. The kids are kept in an enclosed area and they don't need the adults to keep things lively. Jumping around and falling on other kids is tons of fun. I always like going to birthday parties with spacewalks. Skating parties were fun, too.

Pictures of the Dora Spacewalk behind the cut...

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Bessie's HeaveABeaver

Bessie's third birthday is tomorrow. Yesterday, Juannie gave her a HeaveABeaver (I am not making up that name!) as an early present. She'll get more gifts tomorrow. She loves the HeaveABeaver and has been chasing it around the yard all morning. It is not as aerodynamic as a regular frisbee but the weird trajectory keeps her alert as she tries to catch it.

Check out a picture of Bess with her new toy and a picture of fluffy Rocky behind the cut.

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(And I have just started using LJ's Scrapbook feature for storage and loading of pics to my journal. So far, it's working very well! Try it out.)