March 12th, 2005

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Happy News!

Great, fabulous, wonderful, glorious news! My cousin finally (!!!) got the results back from her tests and her baby is fine. And she is having a girl! I am relieved and thrilled to tears. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and messages when I last wrote about this.
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Rocky's Bottom Blues

Pups On Patrol Pups On Patrol

All Corgis have very furry butts, as you can see in the picture. But Rocky (on the left) is a fluffy so he has lots more hair everywhere. Juannie and I affectionately call him "Pig Pen" because he does seem to have a perpetual cloud of dust surrounding him. I have to regularly sweep out the bottom of his crate to remove all the dirt that accumulates in there. Bessie's crate is never dirty on the bottom because she is so persnickety. In addition, he is the world's best leaf, burr and stick magnet. Those items are regularly dropped all around my house but they seem to wind up most in my bathroom with the white tile floor.

I don't mind any of this because one of Rocky's most endearing habits is that he shows his contentedness each and everyday by rolling around in the grass, dirt and pine straw while grunting. He also does his patented happy roll after each meal and every time he drinks water. I am always glad to see him express his appreciation for the simple things in life.

Rock's rear end is extra cute because it's extra fluffy. This does have a downside. Stuff gets stuck in his rear fluffiness and not just leaves, burrs and sticks. Sometimes, stinky stuff gets stuck in his fluffy butt. People who visit us always ask why we keep baby wipes around when we don't have kids. Baby wipes don't work quite as well on dogs' bottoms as on babies' bottoms but they do come in handy. On rare occasions, Juannie and I have to employ rubber gloves and scissors in addition to the baby wipes to really clean up the affected area. This morning was one of those occasions.

Rocky did his business on the side of the house while I was busy in another part of the backyard. I wasn't paying attention to him until I saw him tear into the house. When I walked in, he was sitting with his butt firmly planted on the carpet backed into a corner of the den. I immediately knew we had a problem. He wouldn't come into the kitchen when called even for a treat. That clued me in that we had a big problem.

Lots of baby wipes, two sets of rubber gloves, a pair of scissors, carpet cleaner and disinfecting 409 were employed to return several areas back to cleanliness.

Rocky will be going to the groomer next week for the doggie equivalent of a Brazilian wax, the hygenic trim.