March 18th, 2005

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My Juannie has a big job interview starting in less than a half hour. I am very nervous for him! When I left for work, he was calmly ironing his clothes. I told him last night that I am very proud of him and that I really think all of his hard work, perseverance and experience have prepared him for this new job.

My stomach is in knots and I will be preoccupied until I hear from him. Then after the interview, we will have to wait to find out if he got the job.

**Update** Juannie doesn't think he did well during the interview but he is very hard on himself. He said he got nervous after I left for work. I am sure he did fine. I hope we hear one way or the other soon. Waiting on this kind of news makes me crazy.

Terri Schiavo

During the many years that I have been aware of Terri Schiavo, I had never seen a picture of her before the collapse that caused her brain damage. I saw a picture this morning for the first time and was struck by how beautiful and vibrant she looked before her mind and body were ravaged. Then I saw a picture taken of her in 2001 and the counterpoint to the first image was so startling.

I do wonder what I would do in a similar situation with a loved one. I don't have children so I have no idea how hard it might be to let go of a child no matter what his or her current condition.

In the case of Terri Schiavo, I hope that her loved ones put aside what they want and consider what's truly best for her. And then I hope they will remember and honor the way she lived before the tragedy as they make decisions on her behalf.

I don't have an answer for them. I just pray for their sake that her husband, her parents and her siblings are putting her first. I hope they are not so wrapped up in the battle for control that they forget that Terri Schiavo should always be the main consideration.