April 8th, 2005

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Happy Friday!

"Ms. Heffalump, 1776 Shitwad Avenue, works for Fat Bastard's Bistro..." When the corporate cats are away, the punchy overworked mice will play. A lesson about what happens when there's no management oversight during crunch time.

This made me laugh like a mental patient. (It wouldn't take much after this week. In fact, Juannie told me I was laughing hysterically in my sleep during the night and woke him up. I do remember dreaming that I was laughing with a group of people in a party setting.)

From theferrett.
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Wine Lovers Beware

It's the Silly Tasting Notes Generator.

Normal: Impressive and american-oaked Semillon. Whispers of fois gras, yew bark and strong-willed herbs. Drink now through April.

Extra-Silly: Meaty but soggy white. Begins with fruit rollups, soggy seawater and hopeful super-glue. Drink now through 2005. (This actually describes the taste of a Sauterne I had once.)

++ Update ++ Another Extra-Silly: Egocentric but equally freakishly evil Chardonnay. Contains sage, astounding raisin and weak spice. Drink now through Friday.
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