April 10th, 2005


Dream Date

I had a dream last night that Bill Clinton was at a party with my dogs and me. I got separated from my dogs and found them hanging out with Bill. All three of them were quite happy about it. I thanked him for looking after them and asked how he was feeling. He looked quite healthy in the dream. He said he felt almost 100% and thanked me for coming to his book signing in September. I told him I was shocked that he remembered me. He said that the hostess told him I was at the book signing. (This dream is brought to you by Bill Clinton's post-funeral interview on The Today Show.)
lips, uncertain

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Tonight is the first of six nights that I will be without Juannie. He is working late tonight and then tomorrow afternoon he leaves for Austin. He will be gone until Saturday. I think this is one of several reasons why I have not been sleeping well. I am worrying about him being away and having to fly.

The flight back from Austin when we went in January was awful. I don't usually worry about flying but I cried during that flight because I was so scared due to all the turbulence. We were flying just behind a big storm front to get to New Orleans and it was terrifying. Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy again when he flies out. This is making me even more anxious.

I haven't told him about any of this because he always gets nervous about flying and I don't want to make it worse for him.