April 21st, 2005


Say It All Together Now!

Jazz Fest is here! My high holy days are rapidly approaching. This is one of the few things in life that I regard with reverence and awe. It annually renews my faith in mankind. Others say it has become a crowded and commercial shell of its former self. But for me, in any incarnation, Jazz Fest is the best thing about New Orleans. Take Mardi Gras, take the French Quarter but don't ever take my Jazz Fest away. (Some may say I speak blasphemy but this is my truth.)

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival or Jazz Fest is to me the perfect mélange of music, food, visual art, socializing and dancing. I get to hang out with my friends and family while listening to an amazing array of musical genres as I eat any number of orgasmic delicacies and dance through my day even if I happen to be waiting in line to use a Port-a-Let.

The plan for Saturday is to see Brasilliance, Fishbone, Buddy Guy, The Meters Reunion, Hezekiah Early & Elmo Williams and sprinkle in lots of time in the perfection that is the Gospel Tent. We may not get to see everyone on this list because as we wander through the infield of the New Orleans Fair Grounds racetrack we may hear something new that lures us over. I've stumbled across Angelique Kidjo and Keb'Mo' in prior years and my life was changed forever by the experiences.

I will be eating crawfish Monica pasta, crawfish bread, crawfish beignets, fried turkey po-boy, jama jama, fried plaintains, chocolate-covered strawberries and washing it all down with a mango freeze or strawberry lemonade both spiked with vodka. (I don't eat whole servings of all this so I don't ever get too full to dance. Everyone shares their fun food selection so we get to try a little bit of everything.)

All hail Jazz Fest!