April 25th, 2005

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The Terror Threat Level = Penguin

Why is it that seeing pictures of penguins always makes me smile? Here is a series of cute pictures of two adorable penguins going through the metal detector at the Denver Airport.

(Are you wondering like I am, "Why did these little creatures even have to go through the metal detector?" I am now pondering the paranoid state of our nation. Someone considered these two little creatures such a threat to airport safety that they were required to go through a screening procedure. But I am not focusing on that part of the story because then I won't be smiling anymore.)
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Do The Bump!

I love bumper stickers! I like to read the mini-manifestos of my fellow drivers while in traffic. Then I like to pass the person - while driving safely - to see if their appearance jibes with the philosophy proclaimed on the rear end of their vehicle.

My current bumper stickers:

When Religion Ruled the world, it was called the Dark Ages.

Real dogs don't have tails. (This is in honor of my two pupsters.)

What’s the story on your bumper?

Pups On Patrol Pups On Patrol