May 6th, 2005

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My Worst Boss Ever

A discussion during lunch made me think about my worst boss ever. This is a true story...

I worked at an apartment complex in the leasing office and the apartment manager was actually a good boss for a while. Then she went through a mysterious transformation around the holidays and became Boss-zilla. She was always snarly with everyone and illogical. She yelled at employees and tenants. We thought that tenants would complain but nothing happened. Then she started wearing the same outfit for 2-3 days in a row. They would have stains all over them from what she ate the days before.

She would eat whole plates of cookies that we put out for tenants and prospects. She would eat whole bowls of Hershey Kisses, too. One day she had so many in her mouth at one time that she began to choke while she talked to us. One of the ladies was ready to do the Heimlich but then she spit the chocolate glob out on the floor of the office. She just laughed maniacally and then walked off without offering to clean it up.

The final straw was when one of the maintenance guys had to do some work in her free apartment on the property. He knew we were worried about her so he told us that her place looked like a bomb hit it. Trash, old food and clothes were strewn everywhere. After we heard that, we decided she must be depressed. So the four ladies in the leasing office decided to talk to her as a group and let her know that we were concerned and that she needed to talk to a professional to help with her problems.

We were pretty nervous about doing this because we knew how irrational she had become. But we picked our day and when she showed up for the fourth day in a row that week wearing the same outfit, we used that as the basis for talking to her. It was a Friday and we waited until the end of the day after the office closed.

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Any other crazy boss stories?
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