May 23rd, 2005


"Either You Are With Us or You Starve!"

It makes me proud that so-called religious people would see a catastrophe as an opportunity to force their views on desperate people.

"Villagers Furious with Christian Missionaries

Samanthapettai, Jan 16 (ANI): Rage and fury has gripped this tsunami-hit tiny Hindu village in India's southern Tamil Nadu after a group of Christian missionaries allegedly refused them aid for not agreeing to follow their religion.

Samanthapettai, near the temple town of Madurai, faced near devastation on the December 26 when massive tidal waves wiped it clean of homes and lives.

Most of the 200 people here are homeless or displaced , battling to rebuild lives and locating lost family members besides facing risks of epidemic,disease and trauma.

Jubilant at seeing the relief trucks loaded with food, clothes and the much-needed medicines the villagers, many of who have not had a square meal in days, were shocked when the nuns asked them to convert before distributing biscuits and water.

Heated arguments broke out as the locals forcibly tried to stop the relief trucks from leaving. The missionaries, who rushed into their cars on seeing television reporters and the cameras refusing to comment on the incident and managed to leave the village.

Disappointed and shocked into disbelief the hapless villagers still await aid.

"Many NGOs (volunteer groups) are extending help to us but there in our village the NGO, which was till now helping us is now asking us to follow the Christian religion. We are staunch followers of Hindu religion and refused their request. And after that these people with their aid materials are leaving the village without distributing that to us," Rajni Kumar, a villager said.

The incident is an exception to concerted charity in a catastrophe that has left no one untouched.(ANI)"

Seen in jmhm.

Every Call Counts

Time to use those cell phone minutes...

John Warner, Arlen Specter, Chuck Hagel and Mike Dewine are on the fence about voting against the nuclear option. Please take a moment to make a call to let them know they are being watched.

If you live in their states - Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Ohio - your call will carry even more weight! Please call the phone numbers given below.

From jmhm.

"According to today's Roll Call (as quoted in ABC's "the Note"), Reid has 49 votes to maintain the filibuster (including Snowe, Chafee, McCain, and Collins.)

He needs 2 more votes. Roll Call identifies Warner, Specter, Hagel, and Dewine as the "swing" votes.

If you go over to Free Republic, they are organizing telephone campaigns to contact the affected senators.

We need to be calling as well, and making sure that the right-wing noise machine doesn't drown us out.

Expect to be asked where you are calling from. And be sure to sound reasonable. I try to sound like a "moderate" voter who might pull the lever for a Republican under the right circumstances.

Tip: remember that *67 blocks caller id to most offices.

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Contact info:

Arlen Specter: (Pennsylvania)
DC Office:

Philadelphia Office:

Pittsburgh Office:

John Warner: (Virginia)
DC Office:
(202) 224-2023

Richmond Office:
(804) 739-0247

Norfolk Office:
(757) 441-3079

Mike Dewine: (Ohio)
DC Office:
(202) 224-2315

Cleveland office:
(216) 522-7272

Columbus office:
(614) 469-5186

Chuck Hagel: (Nebraska)
DC Office:
(202) 224-4224

Omaha Office:
(402) 758-8981

And don't forget to remind Mike Dewine that he's up for reelection in 2006.

These people care very little about the issues if they believe their seats are at stake, and they're already running scared of the corporations (which are very unhappy about the Congress not doing their business in a timely fashion)

Don't let the phone banks on the right stampede them.

Hell, for all of me, make the phone banks on the right waste a lot of expensive time listening to busy signals.

No kidding. This is court packing, and it's court packing by the most extreme judicial activists Karl Rove could find.

Don't let them do it."