June 27th, 2005


Another Shark Attack

Another shark attack has occurred on the Florida Gulf Coast. I spent many vacations and spring breaks along the Florida Panhandle and I never worried about sharks.

(Quint from Jaws just popped into my head and then I inappropriately switched to the land shark on Saturday Night Live. It's been a long day.)

As Above, So Below by Rudy Rucker

I am currently reading As Above, So Below. Apparently, not a lot is known about the life of Peter Bruegel but the author, Rudy Rucker, did a lot of research to create a fictional account of the places and events that inspired the artist. The descriptions of Renaissance Europe, particularly Antwerp and Brussels, are vivid and haunting. I knew very little about the artist so it's wonderful to learn about his life and work in such an entertaining fashion.

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