July 6th, 2005

new orleans, fleur

Stormy, Stormy Night

Tropical Storm Cindy barreled through New Orleans overnight. My next door neighbor's big pecan tree fell over onto part of our fence. Juannie couldn't really see if there was any damage to the fence because there were so many branches everywhere. I did not see many problems driving in to work this morning other than lots of tree limbs and leaves strewn everywhere. I didn't get a lot of sleep from all the wind and rain pounding the house. Then the power went out around 11PM so it got hot without the a/c.

Bess and Rocky were very nervous so Juannie brought them into the bedroom with him around 12:30AM. That didn't add to the comfort level with four warm bodies in the bed. I had to put them back up front because they were more interested in playing than sleeping and I was ready to fall asleep around 2AM.

The power came back on briefly as I was getting ready this morning but I'd already bathed and put my makeup on by candlelight. I did an okay job with the makeup since I'm usually too sleepy to see very well on a normal morning.

The sun's out now. But everyone is already worrying about Tropical Storm Dennis which will probably be a Category 3 hurricane by the end of this week. Some models are saying that it will come ashore close to New Orleans. This one will be watched very closely.

Damage From Cindy

The image I had in my head after Juannie told me about the fallen tree did not match what I saw when I got home this afternoon. That's a lot of tree in my backyard.

The first picture shows the corner of the yard in early April. In the second picture, that corner of the yard is completely under the pecan tree. You can see the size of the yard in first picture and it gives you a pretty good idea of how much of the yard is now covered by all the debris. I can't even get close to my little garden in the corner along the right side of the first picture now because of the branches.

Before Cindy Before Cindy

April 2005
After Cindy After Cindy

July 2005

More tree damage pictures here if anyone is interested.