July 10th, 2005


"...reason will triumph over hate and dogma."

Tarek Fatah's (founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress) response to the London bombings.

Every time the media reports a terrorist attack, the world's one billion Muslims hold their breath and pray, "Oh God, please, let it not be a Muslim."

In the last few years, the word "terrorist" and "Muslim" have, unfortunately, become synonymous. Killing innocent people in the name of religion has become a trademark of certain segments of our community. This is not because Muslims are intrinsically violent people, or our religion commands us to kill. It is because, Islam and its narrative have been hijacked by a small minority of fascist death worshippers, who arose from groups nurtured for decades by western governments, eager to contain the spread of communism...

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...Could I dare suggest that the war on terror has failed? It took us less than four years to defeat the mighty armies of Nazi Germany, but in the last four years of the war on terrorism, barely a handful of people have been convicted, while millions of Muslims have suffered the humiliation of racial profiling. In the meantime, the germs of violence continue to spread.

Before I started to put my thoughts to paper, I witnessed an incident at a mosque in downtown Toronto after Friday prayers. A television crew, trying to get the reaction of Muslims to the London bombings, was confronted and jostled. It was ugly. The young woman reporter seemed shaken up. I had to intervene. The irony was that the reporter was a Muslim. As I argued with the men asking the woman reporter to leave, I could see Al-Qaida written all over the faces of these young zealots.

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I say, the number one enemy of Islam today is the Al-Qaida and those who invoke Islam to hold on to power; be it in Saudi Arabia, Iran or your local mosque. They are not your friends. The world stares at a bleak future and we Muslims in Canada and the west need to lead the fight against the ideology of Al-Qaida. We need to succeed where George Bush has failed. My friends, it is a battle of ideas, and insh'allah, reason will triumph over hate and dogma.

Tarek Fatah is host of The Muslim Chronicle that airs on Bridges TV in US and CTS-TV in Canada

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Top 20 American Bands

USA Today's readers pick the Top 20 American rock bands.

Taken with a grain of salt because it is USA Today.

1. Pearl Jam
2. Aerosmith
3. Van Halen
4. The Eagles
5. Journey
6. Guns N' Roses
7. The Grateful Dead
8. Queensryche
9. The Doors
10. R.E.M.
11. The Allman Brothers/Fleetwood Mac (tie)
12. Metallica
13. KISS
14. The Ramones
15. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band/Creedence Clearwater Revival (tie)
16. Dave Matthews Band/Lynyrd Skynard (tie)
17. The Beach Boys
18. Nirvana
19. The Replacements
20. Bon Jovi

Nirvana is 18th and Pearl Jam is 1st. Huh? Queensryche is 8th? I don't know the name of even one of their songs. And that Dave Matthews and Bon Jovi are even on the list at all is just plain goofy. Where's Heart? (On the writer's list but still.) And where are The B-52s? (A personal favorite.)

**Edit** And no Red Hot Chili Peppers?!? What's up with that?
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