July 13th, 2005


News Roundup

In Iraq, 18 children and teenagers killed by suicide bombers. They were gathered around American troops who were giving out candy. I was truly distraught when I heard the piece about this on NPR.

Space Shuttle Discovery launch was postponed. The fuel sensors were installed in the Michoud Assembly Facility located here in New Orleans. If the faulty sensor is easy to reach and the problem can be resolved quickly, the launch may be rescheduled for Saturday. If the sensor is difficult to access, then the shuttle will have to be pulled off the launch pad and the mission postponed until September.

Bernard Ebbers, former CEO of WorldCom, was sentenced to 25 years in jail today. I have followed this case with a lot of interest because I lived in Jackson, MS - former headquarters for the company - during the height of WorldCom mania. I knew people that catered parties for "Bernie", installed expensive audio systems for "Bernie", did construction work for "Bernie" and worked at WorldCom with "Bernie". And so many people in Jackson bought stock. I thought it was a little desperate and a lot crazy for the entire city to be so enraptured by this man and his company. Then the truth came out about the company's practices. People starting getting laid off, companies were not paid for services rendered and the stock plummeted. Some people bought even more stock thinking that it would rebound. They were taken for a ride twice.
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I Have A Crush On...

...Remus Lupin. He's an outcast and he's on the run from society.

My Potter-related post of the day is a Harry Potter survey. It's very long. It scares me that I know all this information and yet there's so much more to learn from Book 6.

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